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Quiet Design MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator(WP-MY20C)

Part Number 1551
Quiet Design MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator(WP-MY20C)
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Quiet Design MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator(IPR, Integrated Air Humidifier, Data Management)
Model No: WP-MY20C

MOYEAH CPAP Ventilator
With the MOYEAH CPAP ventilator, everybody will be able to get a good night’s sleep. With its continuous positive airway pressure, this ventilator continuously applies a mild air pressure that will help a person breathe naturally at night. This health gadget is extremely useful for people that have breathing problems or suffer from sleeping apnea. CPAP ventilators can be used for personal usage as well as medical usage where it helps the patient breathe throughout the night – ensuring he’ll always get the proper amount of oxygen to rest comfortably. 
With its smart-start design, the MOYEAH CPAP ventilator starts working automatically when it detects a person breathing. When still awake, the machine applies a low air pressure that will help you to fall asleep naturally and fast. Once asleep, the air pressure will be increased to ensure you’ll always inhale the proper amount of oxygen. Thanks to its intelligent pressure release algorithm and EPR technology, the machine will apply less pressure when exhaling and more pressure while inhaling. This stimulates your natural breathing rhythm. 
Your CPAP ventilator comes with a 3.5-inch display that will automatically adjust its brightness based on the light in your environment. You’ll be able to slide in a 32GB SD card on which it will store the data obtained during your sleeping sessions. The machine furthermore lets you analyze and compare data over a 1 year time period. This allows you to look back at your breathing rhythms to see whether there has been any improvement during the past months. For extra comfort, this health gadget features a low-sound design and comes with a built-in air humidifier. Thanks to this, you can be guaranteed of a good night’s rest whenever you close your eyes. 

Expected use: OSA 20C 20C pro cpap
User type: weight greater than 30kg
Display: 3.5 inch color sceen
Noise level: less than 28dB
CPAP pressure range: 4-20 cm Hg
Static pressure accuracy: 0.5 cm H20
Dynamic pressure accuracy: 1 cm H20
IP level: IP22
Inspiration Sensitivity: NO
Breath Trigger Sensitivity: NO
Functions: Auto Screen Brightness, Adjustable Energy Mode, Time and Alarm, Unit Settings, 
Multilingual Settings, Performance Self Test, Self Patient Report on the main screen, SpO2, PR
Humidity Function: Integrated Humidifier, Automatic Humidity, Preheat, Heating Tube, 
Tilt Water Tank Location, Waterproof, Water Level Detection, Smart Tube Drying
Comfort Parameters: Breathing Event Detection, Ramp Automatic Gain, Automatic IPR (Intelligent Pressure Release), 
Adjustable Leakage Compensation, Auto On / Off, Mask Mating, Circuit Compensation
Respiratory pressure release
Pulse oximetry
Built-in ambient light sensor
Data management: Host data storage (1 year statistics, 1 week high resolution data), 
SD card High resolution data storage (10 years)
External memory support: 32GB SD Card (not included)
Output voltage: DC24V.3 33A+10%
Output frequency AC100-240V, 18aMax.+10%/50-60hz
Language: English,French,Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish
Dimensions: 138x 270x 100mm (L x W x D)
Ports: DC IN, SD Card Slot
Net Weight: 1780g


Package Contents:
1 x Host
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Breathing Tube
1 x 4GB SD Card
1 x Charger
1 x Nasal full face mask
1 x User Manual

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